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FREEDOM RIDERS: The Civil Rights Musical tells the story of the real-life Freedom Riders who challenged the status quo of the 1960s by riding interstate buses in mixed racial groups through the South challenging local laws and customs that enforced segregation. Based on the lives of Diane Nash and Congressman John Lewis, among others, Freedom Riders is a portrait of American race relations and a testament to the power of nonviolent direct action in uncovering injustice.


In 1963, what would become known as the most iconic march in Civil Rights history was still a gestating idea without the right person to organize it. The leaders of the movement, some reluctantly, some faithfully, chose Bayard Rustin, the great civil right strategist and openly gay Black man, to organize and get the march on its feet. His ideas would be a boon for the movement and his life would be the obstacle.

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WALT AND ROY: A Magical New Musical follows the Disney brothers as they make their roots in Los Angeles in 1923 until they produce their first feature length animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, in 1937. The musical chronicles the special relationship between Walt and Roy in their genius in creating the House of Mouse.


LEGENDARY  tells the story of the rock band Gypsy, the pinnacle of rock music in the 1970’s, and untimely death of their lead singer Max. Max is a ghost in modern day where she deals with an aging Gypsy and helps young singer-songwriter Ruby to find her voice. Legendary follows four women of music, all in different stages of life, as they navigate career, family, and speaking their truths.

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